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5 Reasons you need the body compass now!

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1. Your body is wiser than your mind

Learning to follow your body's sensations this way teaches you to listen to your heart and intuition.  It works by feeling into your finely tuned, extraordinarily clever and underused nervous system.

2.  Step towards your life purpose

When the body signals something is positive for you and you let go of the negative, you will be guided tiny step by tiny step to what it is you love to do that serves you and others around you.

3. Know & follow your heart

May you don't know what you want any more!  As we get weary doing what we 'should', knowing what we want can seem hard to identify.  But your body compass never lies and can point you there regardless!

4. More joy and freedom. 

As you make choices in sync with your body compass you'll naturally find life more joyful and peaceful. When we live in tune with our heart's desires there is always a wonderful sense of freedom.


5. Take it anywhere, for life!

This practical 'tool' is quick, easy and invisible.  You can use it in the boardroom or bedroom, at work and at play.  You'll learn that it's more reliable than your mind, rolling dice or using oracle cards!


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