The ‘More To Life’ Programme

A 4 month deep-dive online programme to get you living true to your Life Purpose; with Heart, Nature and Spirit in sync for a life of more joy, peace and freedom!

Led By: Joanna Shipley, certified Wayfinder Life Coach & Shamanic Practitioner

We all have a huge potential, unique to each of us, to follow our hearts and live with more joy.

This is our true purpose.  Our 'Soul's calling'.

Whether you know what it is or not, it’s time...


Time... to stop yearning and start living your true path. 

Time... to learn how to find and follow your life’s purpose  while listening to your heart.

Time... to get clear nature and spirit guidance to support and inform you.

Time... to make your life deeply worthwhile.


Is life 'just fine'?  'So-so'.  More humdrum than 'wow!'?  This 4 month online programme will take you deep into knowing and living a life with the ‘more’ you crave.  If you've ever felt that life just isn't quite living up to your hopes and wishes, that there's a 'purpose' or something you're yearning for (whether or not you know what it is) then this programme will help.

Joanna will guide you through a weaving of nature, intuition and coaching tools alongside shamanic spiritual connection to bring your heart, spirit and nature in sync and to start you on your own path mastering choices that suit you.  Say goodbye to pleasing people or repeating patterns.  You will shift your everyday life to a new level of walking your life purpose path, focused and on track, one step at a time.  You'll get to try many different methods to help you connect to your authentic, essential self.

Become the connected creator of your own circumstance, find your clear and unshakeable inner answers to your questions and begin to embody the ‘all you can be’ of your soul.   This online programme weaves years of growth into just a few weeks, with a mouth-watering smorgasbord of tools that will last you a lifetime.


“Working with Joanna has opened doors for me that I never knew existed. I have found  a whole new approach to self-healing, and rediscovered my relationship with nature. I now have skills I can use in my life and the enrichment that these have provided for my overall life is amazing.I feel like a new person, getting ready to face the world with the new confident me.   I feel much more confident in beginning to get to know my true nature, my essential self, and am discovering what true desires I have.”

Harvest Harris-Jones, UK

There is more JOY, PEACE, EASE
and FREEDOM awaiting you than you know.


I believe anyone, including YOU, can learn how to access their life path and purpose with simple, accessible and quick tools.  

Some choose to stay stuck, in a rut, feeling constantly tired and unfulfilled, sensing something’s missing, that there has to be more to life.  Numbing out with TV, phone scrolling, eating, shopping or become 'down' or depressed, sleepless or anxious are common and understandable avoidance tactics - often unconcious. 

At the extreme, some become workaholics or exercise addicts in a bid to escape the monotony. Or develop more serious addictions.  

But some decide they've had enough, that there must be more (even if they're not sure what it is yet!), that the time has come for change and to bring their life back on track to the their life path, soul’s calling or life purpose.  A life of connectedness with their heart, nature and spirit for more joy, freedom and ease.

And then there are some who settle for nothing less than fully finding and fulfilling their dreams of a joyful, purposeful and peaceful life.  A life in sync with heart, nature and spirit.  Where daily work choices, relationships, leisure, finances - all aspects of life - have more harmony than they've yet known.


That would be you. 


Because? Anything else limits your soul, your spirit and your potential.

You’re driven by personal growth, expansion, a 'longing to belong' or connect and a feeling of being truly 'on purpose'.

You are totally ready to fulfil your life purpose. You may not know what this is yet, but you at least have a sense that there is something you 'should' be doing that would fulfil you. And, even better, you know that when you live 'on purpose' you serve the world at the same time and make a genuine difference - large or small - to the world by living authentically.



“Joanna is one of life's true guides and genuine, heart centred people and I feel blessed that we have crossed paths.

She is extremely knowledgeable about shamanism and you can tell when she speaks what a core part of her life it is, and how much she speaks from the heart. I always feel very comfortable in her presence, and she makes me feel like I am capable of anything.

I always leave Joanna's workshops feeling totally empowered, like I've learned something from someone who holds real wisdom, and I always look forward to the next session as I know I will learn and expand even more.”

Helen Elder, UK

When you join the More to Life! Programme you will:

  • Step on to a life path that feels authentic to your soul, surefooted and opening doors you don’t even know exist!
  • Learn to listen to the deep whispers of your heart (the ones that are so true to you that you cannot second guess them) and really know your next step forward.  That means great, heartlfelt decisions, day after day after day - sometimes action, sometimes rest, nearly always playful.
  • Open a portal to another world by learning to connect with spirit for help, healing and wisdom in a grounded, nature based shamanic way (hint: everyone I’ve ever worked with is able to receive help this way!)
  • Harmonise with the outdoors and connect to your authentic self in balance with the earth, finding the sacred in nature.


  • Examine any or all areas of your life - relationships, career, leisure, home, finances - anything that is keeping you off your true path can be shifted at the pace that feels right to you.
  • Release deep sabotaging patterns and let go of your inner self critic with simple, repeatable tools that work.  Every time.
  • Master the energetics to keep you on track and feel the magic and support from the Universe/Spirit/God!
  • Find a community of others searching for the same path, with a strong container to help you connect and forge bonds that last beyond the course. 
  • Support from an experienced and trained teacher to help you find a balance of depth and lightness - profundity and humour - to partner you on your journey.


  • Accountability in many forms to keep your progress moving.
  • Tools that last you a lifetime and can be used in many, many circumstances to keep you on track.
  • A daily practice to maintain the integration of heart, nature and spirit in your everyday life.
  • Community to support you and help you and build your resilience.
  • To collapse years of development into just a few months.

“Since learning to work with my spirit helpers I feel so comforted.  I know I’m not alone in my own head and space.  And I’m not alone in my decisions.   A really concrete example is that I used to experience that RAGE, you know, like that email that sits on your mind, or when someone cuts me up in traffic. And now, since the journey I did to ask my spirits to help with this, every time something happens I just think ‘let it go’ and it’s gone.  Just like that!”

Ange Briggs, UK

Why learn with me?

Because after decades of various international trainings with the very best teachers, and walking my talk throughout, I have found a way that is unique, powerful and accessible.

Finally, I've woven my experiences and practices together into one programme for you to take the very best elements into your daily life to connect you to your heart's wisdom with the tools to act upon it with grace.

Now I have helped hundreds of people like you live your true life to the full and I know my methods work.

 Most importantly, I’m a woman like you.


20 years ago I was a woman who was waaaaay off track and couldn't see it.  A woman with a big heart.  A woman capable of achieveing goals, being 'successful', but not knowing how to make choices to make her really happy.  A woman who wanted to make the world a better place.  A woman who realised that  once we’re on track with that life purpose we can all live a life of peace, joy and freedom!  

But how on earth to find that 'life purpose'?

The start was acknowledging I had lost my way.  I was in the wrong job (again), with the wrong relationship (again), I was in a rut, I drank too much, ate the wrong foods… I just knew something was ‘off’ and missing in my life.  I yearned for more, but didn’t know what it was or how to get there.  Depression and worse drifted in and out - sometimes overwhelming, sometimes minor.  I woke up to the realisation there had to be more, and decided to take some action - any action - to do something about it! 

I explored many different pathways.  I even left corporations and enivornmentalism and joined the army as an officer as a bid to try something different! As I searched, I learned, and bit by bit I dismantled and rebuilt my life, gaining a sense of empowerment and freedom with each step.  I realised I had been following a path set by society that just did not make my heart sing. A path of achievement and success, masking inner unhappiness and dissatisfaction.  Does this resonate with you?

Over many years I learned how to connect to spirit for healing and guidance in a reliable and deeply respectful two-way manner.  I learned how to listen to my heart, to stop second guessing and know deep in my bones what each next tiny, ‘turtle’ step needed to be. A way of life we all deserve.

It wasn’t easy.  I struggled with resilience, confidence, finding my voice and trusting my intution.  I gave my power away to bosses, society, other peoples' demands. I made many mistakes that cost me time, money and heartache. But each step towards my own path, following heart, nature and spirit took me closer to freedom, peace and joy.  And this is what I want for you.

It took me decades. But you can learn the fundamentals in a matter of weeks as I share the crux of all I have learned, practiced and integrated through:

  • Thousands of hours of 1:1 and group shamanic and spiritual work. 
  • Vision Fasts, Way of Council and Sacred Nature training.
  • Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coaching tools and Master Coach training that works on a DEEP level.  Sacred nature connection bringing harmony to self and to the earth, as well as connection to the authentic self. 

And I can't wait to share this incredible life enhancing way with you. If you're sobbing on Sundays at the prospect of the week to come (or just feeling a level of drudgery) you can create a life of joy, deep relationships, belonging, connection to spirit, and exciting and playful work. There really is 'More to Life!' and I can show you how.

You deserve to live a life that fulfils the yearnings of your heart, soul and spirit.   The time has come for you to make a change. 

The Best Part?

This 4 month programme breaks the method down so you can learn grounded, straightforward and no-nonsense steps to create your version of joyful purpose.  There is 'More to life' and it's time you claimed it!


“Committing to a course with Joanna, with personal and small group homework, gave me a real sense of achievement. I need and ultimately enjoy being nudged out of my comfort zone.  Joanna opened a portal to another world quite literally.  So exciting! 

Better still, it always felt completely safe and manageable as Joanna is eminently sensible (not at all woo woo) and grounded. She carries great strength, being direct yet never offending!  She communicates so well and intuitively picks up on what people need and want with complete respect for each individual’s needs.”

Simone Taylor, UK

So what are the steps of this programme?


Your enrollment on the Programme is broken into 4 powerful months, including an integration period, to enable you to make the SHIFTS you need to life your life on purpose with heart, nature and spirit.



  • Weekly live 'high touch' classes with Joanna, with full and small group tasks. Plus recordings in case life gets in the way or to listen to more than once.
  • An ignition weekend to create sparks and kindle the flame of passion to get you on track with your life goals. 
  • Full guidance in Joanna's unique weaving of heart, nature and spirit tools to help you take strides in an accessible and easy way.
  • A solid introduction to shamanic practice, grounded and practical, so that you can connect to spirit (even if you don’t know that you can) for a lifetime of support!
  • A smorgasbord of Martha Beck Wayfinder coaching tools to connect you to your essential self and find your path forwards to use for life.
  •  Practices to deepen your connection with nature, in a sacred and grounded way.
  • Weekly support and implementation sessions and accountability pods.
  • A community with facilititated and independent meet ups to help you forge connections beyond the course.
  • A private, moderated Facebook group to enable connection and support throughout your journey.
  • Say goodbye hustle and hello to ease, with Integration breaks, including holidays.  Life and 4 month programmes can be intense and overwhelming, so breaks (with optional contact with Joanna and the group throughout) will help you to integrate and practice the tools.  Or help you catch up if life’s got in the way. 




  • A 30 minute 1:1 welcome call with Joanna to ensure your personal needs are met (with questionnaire to help you focus) - worth £95
  • A Full and New Moon  ceremonies to help you connect to the wider cycles of nature - worth £150
  • Body scan and other audios to take you deeper into your body and intuition  - worth £90
  • 24 Days of Stillness Video Library - 24 meditations to help you connect to your true self - worth £67
  • Recorded shamanic drumming/rattling tracks to support your shamanic journey - worth £15
  • Workbooks and Playbooks to support your path - worth £95
  • Pop up Q&A sessions as needed to ensure you're all moving forward and on track, with recordings - each worth £150
  • Discounted access to Shamanic Practice Gatherings to deepen your spiritual connection - worth £20/month.
  • Reading List to support your journey on the programme and beyond




Book by midnight 24 Sept and get TWO FREE 1:1 sessions with Joanna worth £300 [offer expired].


Book by midnight 30 Sept to get your FREE Bonus 1:1 session with Joanna - worth £150  - to deep-dive into your personal issues and find your own unique way forward.


"One of my favorite things about working with Joanna is her gift to calmly provide a safe space to uncover the deeper reason I sought her help.  Each time I come away with insight to move forward.  She’s intuitive, compassionate and truthful. 

What sets her apart is her gift to call upon her wealth of knowledge and training from coaching to shamanism to one to one natural medicine. She has the ability to pivot within a session based on her client’s needs in the moment.

Tish Dragonette, USA


  • Course runs Thursdays 6-8pm UK time (link to world clock here) from 7 October to 27 January inclusive (less holidays - see FAQs).
  • 16 & 17 October are reserved for the Ignition Weekend!  Timings tbc depending on time zone of participants.  If you cannot make the lives recordings will always be made available.  Attend live for the maximum live coaching experience.


  • One-off payment of £1997 - saving  £111
  • Five x monthly payments of £420
  • Twelve x monthly payments of £197* (by arrangement - book explore call to discuss)
  • Or UPGRADE ME!  Apply for the VIP Programme - with 12+ 1:1 coaching sessions and personal accountability check-ins with Joanna for £3367.  Book your free explore VIP call to chat about your suitability for this option and find out more.


For those facing financial difficulty but with a strong desire to change their lives there is one scholarship place available by application.  Payment will still be required as there is a clear relationship between payment and commitment.  Please email Joanna at [email protected] to find out more.


Joanna is understanding, knowledgable and entirely accepting.  I felt she completely understood my hesitation and worries. And that she knows so much about shamanism, coaching and human nature. It’s clear that everything she teaches she has experienced yourself on a very deep level, and her intuition was a part of everything she teaches and shares. 

Also, I always felt that I could freely share my thoughts and feelings with her, that I could be completely honest about where I was, emotionally and/or mentally. I always felt seen, heard, respected and appreciated for who I am.

Brenda McLamb, USA

This course is for you IF:

  • You’re sick of feeling off track and you’re ready to make changes in your life
  • You’re committed to doing the self work and homework to enable change to happen
  • You’re a self starter who knows you just want to grab the tools and get going with some guidance and support along the way
  • You love being out in nature or it makes you feel better somehow.
  • You have a sense that there is more to life than just the physical - words like 'magic' and 'spirit' resonate with you.
  • A life of joy and connection matters to you more than just money or tick-box success
  • You’re willing to get a little uncomfortable (this work will stretch you) and commit to keep going, asking for help where and when you need it.

This course is NOT for you if: 

  • You’re completely happy to continue your life just as it is - either because it's already the most beautiful experience you can imagine (woo - hoo!  Full credit to you!) or because it's easier just to stay as you are.
  • You don’t want to try new tools and exercises to shift life to a higher level
  • You’re not ready to commit to the work and investment in yourself
  • You love attending courses, but are not interested in doing any application of the work (or play!) to bring about change
  • You’d rather stay in your comfort zone (even if that’s not making you happy right now!)
  • You're content to interrupt unhelpful patterns of behaviour rather than transform them long term 


Since I met Joanna many years ago I jfelt her strong and dedicated commitment to her path and work.  She has excellent formulation and communication skills and I knew I could trust her work. Since then, she has gained even more experience and is overwhelmingly able to navigate her skills to meet the needs of those she works with.

Classes are well planned and facilitated, kept to time, include lecturing and giving participants space - and Joanna is broad minded and fun!  The combination of shamanic practice and coaching is excellent, and in individual sessions she has a huge ability to listen, choose relevant tools and approach and keep the sessions on track. Working with Joanna is a very fruitful ‘addition’ to other trauma & healing work I have experienced

Karen Helene Wulff, Denmark

“If you’re thinking about working with Joanna, hurry up and book your place!  She has huge amounts of knowledge, skill, training and intuition, as well as a very kind heart… and a priceless sense of humor!”

Brenda McLamb, USA

I have built the More to Life Programme taking every measure to ensure that it is the most comprehensive, supportive and life-changing experience for those committed to living their best and most authentic life on purpose.


Is this you?