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A sense-drenching, delightful smorgasbord of a programme—4 months of connecting to your heart, nature and spirit and step into your life purpose for the joy and freedom you deserve!
Get ready to explore your life purpose & true desires, take achievable steps, let go of what holds you back, and learn how to connect to your own spirit guides for help, healing and wisdom. 
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The 'More to Life!' Challenge

Pull Up A Seat!

Or a couch. Or a garden chair. Or a seat under your favourite tree. Wherever you are at 5pm UK (12pm CDT) each day 5-9 July.

Join me Live in the Heart & Spirit Facebook Circle for the More To Life Challenge

 It’s online. You can participate from anywhere in the world. Any city. Any time zone.​​​​​​​ (And it's recorded, so you won't miss a thing!)
 Every day I’ll share a key insight and simple action from my 'More to Life - Heart Nature Spirit Method'. You’ll feel more connected, happier, and on track right away
 Then you can win just by participating! Everyone has a chance to win!  Where else will you get prizes for making yourself #1?
 AND each day there will be a charitable donation that supports nature, our planet and indigenous people. Gifts to make the world a little better as you join in!

Five Reasons to sign up for the More to Life Challenge:

#1 Get back on track!

You were born on track, but life knocked you off. Knowing why and how is the key to get back on to your true path.


#2 Understand your Life Purpose

Know how to find what you are really here for, and how to course correct as you go.


#3 Connect to your authentic, wild self

Nature connects us to our true nature. Learn a simple yet deep nature practice to connect you to the real you.

#4 Stop the saboteur

Stop that inner critic from pushing you off course using deep work to identify, shift and heal limiting beliefs.


#5 Take your first steps to spirit guidance

Safely explore the beginnings of connecting to spirit using a shamanic drumming exploration.

Work with me

Through my unique mix of 20+ years of experience in shamanism and certified Martha Beck Wayfinder life coaching I guide people just like you to make powerful, lasting transformations in their lives.

I help make what seems impossible to you right now not only possible… but DONE. Incredible changes that bring you to a life of authenticity, integrity, truth and purpose - where you begin to realize just how dazzling you really are.

I can help you remove negative mindsets and patterns that hold you back, create heart-singing work or businesses, and connect to spirit for divine answers, insight, guidance and healing.

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