Take 30 minutes a day—3 days in a row—to create your Ideal Summer.

Create Restorative Summer Days with your perfect balance of work and play, the perfect mix of clients and you-time!

Led By: Joanna Shipley,  Holistic Business Coach and certified Wayfinder Mastercoach.
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Ditch the struggle and juggle, get clear on what YOUR needs are first and allow your practice to flow around you and your summer goals.   

Earn what you need, work less and have more time for you, allowing you to show up in your practice with confidence and clarity, sharing the healing you’ve been trained with more clients as your business thrives with a hint of magic!

Let's get the SUMMER started off to a flying start!
 YOUR SOUL FILLED SUMMER CHALLENGE is happening 27-29 June 2022
 ADDITIONAL TWO BONUS COACHING days 30 Jun & 1 Jul 2022 12pm UK
 It’s online. You can participate from anywhere - home, your clinic, at a friend's...
 Each day, you get 30 minutes of live group teaching and master coaching with Q&A and live coaching afterwards.  You’ll feel lighter, happier, and more energised right away…and you’ll be setting yourself up for a fantastic, heart and soul filling Summer!
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Six Reasons to sign up for Your Soul-Filled Summer Challenge:

Start with the Heart

To create a  summer holistic practice with great boundaries that delights you, you'll be guided to channel your heart's deepest desires, dreams and feelings to create your perfect summer work-life balance.

Pick One Project

Keep things simple - gain clarity and focus by picking the ONE thing that lights you up the most and CLAIM IT as your 'main effort'.  You can add others if you wish, but simple is great!

Take Baby Turtle Steps

Baby turtles hatch and take tiny, achievable steps as they focus on getting to the water.  You'll do the same.  You'll reach your ideal summer with EASE!

Live Coaching

Leave your inner critic behind and flourish! Submit a project or Soul-Filling idea and get the chance to get coached on it live - break the blocks and be inspired by others breaking their own glass ceilings too!

Daily Q&A

Get your questions answered each daylive or via the private  Facebook Group to help you keep momentum as you create your Ideal Summer.  Practical issues and mindset shifts here we come!

Community Support

Being part of a community working towards  a shared goal is a power all of its own!  Know you are not alone and gain accountability and support on your journey through the live Zoom calls and private Facebook Group.

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About Joanna

 Joanna Shipley is a master certified life coach and Holistic Business Coach and Mentor with over 20 years' experience as a practitioner, as well as lecturer, speaker, supervisor and tutor as well as mindset, motivation and holistic practice expert. 

She’s the creator of Grow Your Practice From Your Heart, an online community that’s all about taking excellent care of the vitality of your practice with a mind-body-emotion and spirit approach to coaching and confidence.  She takes people from burnout to bounce, from broke to buoyant, to find delight and enabling them to keep sharing the modality they love and help all the more people.

Joanna has taught undergraduate and postgraduate Homeopathy students, for the Society of Homeopaths and has featured on podcasts and in online and print journals.

When she’s not working, Joanna  has her strong spiritual practice, walks her crazy working cocker spaniel, enjoys the garden and crochet, hangs out with her teenage boys and indulges in crime thrillers and good coffee. 

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