Shamanic Practice Gatherings

Meeting in Circle to Deepen Your Shamanic Experience and Connection

Join with others for a guided session with a different theme. 

These sessions give you a chance to do a shamanic journey on the related topic allowing your helping spirits to communicate what matters to you.  There is time to digest the information, share questions and receive feedback in a small group setting. We also have time for different ways of working spiritually, in addition to the form of the shamanic journey.

Please note - you need to be able to do a shamanic journey to attend, as there is not time to explain the 'how to'.

Dance of the Sun and Moon Programme Dec 2021-Jun 2022

Thank you so much to all of you who attended or showed interest in my Shamanic Practice Gatherings.  These came about as a response to the pandemic, as an online option to gather intermittently when we we so uncertain about what the future may bring.

There are no Shamanic Practice Gatherings scheduled yet for 2022 while I 'regroup' with my spirits to see what is best to be on offer in the year to come.  Exciting this will happen, so do sign up to my newsletter on my home page to keep up to date!

However, I am offering deeper, more long term shamanic work with nature in a new programme!  So if you were interested in the SPG's, hop on over to explore the Dance of the Sun and Moon Programme.  It's rather like many SPG's rolled into a longer programme, giving you the chance to do your journeys in the comfort and power of your own home.


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