Dance of the Sun and Moon - Online & Nature Based Programme

As the earth and the year turns around the sun we can bring ourselves peace, meaning and wisdom by connecting to nature and our spirits.  Working shamanically with our helping spirits and nature spirits, with ritual and creativity, we pause, find stillness and  right pace, find heartspace and connection in the cycles that hold us.

This small group programme (max 8) guides us through the Solstices, Equinoxes, Cross Quarter in-between days and Moon Phases with online circle time, like-hearted community and selected practices to take you deeper within your own dance with the sun and the moon.

Places limited to 8.  First come first served.  Booking closes 30 November.

Led By:  Joanna Shipley, Shamanic Mentor & Wayfinder Life Coach
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Nature never stops to consider if it's being authentic.

 It just IS.

In connecting with nature we find our own authenticity. 

Partnering alongside the Spirits of Nature and we find healing, direction and purpose for our true selves and for the earth.

Do you yearn for a deeper connection to spirit and to nature?

Do you want to step outside the cultural hustle and bustle and find timelessness and stillness in the cycles of the seasons?

Do you want to press pause on the unsustainable, linear growth of materialism and connect to what really matters:  Nature, Heart, Spirit & Community?

Do you already have (or are keen to quickly learn) a connection to shamanic spirit helpers and you're ready to deepen it further?

Would you like to start to apprentice yourself to the teachings of the sun, the moon and your spirits aligned with the seasonal changes of the year?
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“Working with Joanna has opened doors for me that I never knew existed. I have found  a whole new approach to self-healing, and rediscovered my relationship with nature. I now have skills I can use in my life and the enrichment that these have provided for my overall life is amazing.I feel like a new person, getting ready to face the world with the new confident me.   I feel much more confident in beginning to get to know my true nature, my essential self, and am discovering what true desires I have.”

Harvest Harris-Jones, UK

>> Myth:  It's hard to find time to connect to nature and my spirits - I have so much to do!

>> Fact: Spiritual inner-wisdom teachings and the spaciousness of connecting to spirit gives you ideas, helps you prioritise and realise what matters so you can save time or somehow feel that time stretches, enrich your life experience and focus on the meaningful stuff of life.


>> Myth: Connecting to nature and spirit is for those with special abilities.

>> Fact: Connecting to nature and the spirits of nature just takes intention and showing up with missions and practices created specially to help you connect with ease and share your experiences with like minded folk for witnessing and validation.  If you can do a shamanic journey - and almost everyone is able to learn how - you will be able to connect to the spirits of nature as part of this programme.


>> Myth:  I can connect to the spirits of nature just as well on my own as in a group.

>> Fact: Yes ... and No. When we work with others and share our experiences we are validated, prompted to show up and the variety of exercises and shared experiences inpires us to do more. 

“Joanna is one of life's true guides and genuine, heart centred people and I feel blessed that we have crossed paths.

She is extremely knowledgeable about shamanism and you can tell when she speaks what a core part of her life it is, and how much she speaks from the heart. I always feel very comfortable in her presence, and she makes me feel like I am capable of anything.

I always leave Joanna's workshops feeling totally empowered, like I've learned something from someone who holds real wisdom, and I always look forward to the next session as I know I will learn and expand even more.”

Helen Elder, UK

Since I met Joanna many years ago I jfelt her strong and dedicated commitment to her path and work.  She has excellent formulation and communication skills and I knew I could trust her work. Since then, she has gained even more experience and is overwhelmingly able to navigate her skills to meet the needs of those she works with.

Classes are well planned and facilitated, kept to time, include lecturing and giving participants space - and Joanna is broad minded and fun!  The combination of shamanic practice and coaching is excellent, and in individual sessions she has a huge ability to listen, choose relevant tools and approach and keep the sessions on track. Working with Joanna is a very fruitful ‘addition’ to other trauma & healing work I have experienced

Karen Helene Wulff, Denmark


connecting to spirit &  nature as part of your daily and weekly routine. Effortlessly.

What if you could connect to spirit and the spirits of nature to bring you into alignment with natural cycles and your truest self in a way that feels simple?

What if you had group support and simple, set practices to take step by step and get done... instead of a growing shamanic to-do list and a feeling of guilt or overwhelm? 

What if your daily and weekly shamanic practices could help you feel even more connected to spirit and give you guidance on how to live a fuller, more harmonious life?

Let's do this!

“Committing to a course with Joanna, with personal and small group homework, gave me a real sense of achievement. I need and ultimately enjoy being nudged out of my comfort zone.  Joanna opened a portal to another world quite literally.  So exciting! 

Better still, it always felt completely safe and manageable as Joanna is eminently sensible (not at all woo woo) and grounded. She carries great strength, being direct yet never offending!  She communicates so well and intuitively picks up on what people need and want with complete respect for each individual’s needs.”

Simone Taylor, UK

What's Inside the Programme

The Dance of the Sun and Moon: Working with Spirit and the Spirits of Nature for a life of connection and deep meaning.


Seasonal Prep Sessions

Every 6 weeks we meet to inspire and prepare you for each half seasonal celebration - Equinox, Solstice or Cross-Quarter Day.  You weave your ideal practices, with guidance, for each ceremonial celebration.

Honing Your Ceremony Q&A's

Just before each seasonal shift we regroup to help you find practical solutions to any problems and deepen our work together.  We grow and develop our practices each time we meet.

The Ceremonies

You celebrate each seasonal shift with guided journey missions, rituals and practices in nature and relevant, creative seasonal craft activities that embody our connection to the time of year.

Buddy Support

Each half season you are assigned a buddy to talk through any actions and practices you wish.  Through these connections our circle becomes more heartfelt and many makes friends and connections that last.

Sharing together

We meet online to 'break bread' and celebrate our experiences together.  We learn from our collective teachings - the great ones and the  wrong-doings!  We are validated and witnessed.

Private Facebook Community

We share questions, photos and experiences in our own private group.  Spontaneous challenges, bonuses and activities delight our desire for variety and accountability.  All questions are supported and answers.

"One of my favorite things about working with Joanna is her gift to calmly provide a safe space to uncover the deeper reason I sought her help.  Each time I come away with insight to move forward.  She’s intuitive, compassionate and truthful. 

What sets her apart is her gift to call upon her wealth of knowledge and training from coaching to shamanism to one to one natural medicine. She has the ability to pivot within a session based on her client’s needs in the moment.

Tish Dragonette, USA

A Sneak Peak at a Typical Half Season Celebration

Online Circle Session 1:

Over each 6 week period, we meet to share in circle heart to hearts, using ancient ways of Council to start to connect with the forthcoming celebration - our focus for connection. This could be the Equinox, Solstice or Cross Quarter Day (sometimes known by traditional names such as Samhain or Imbolc).  

In a 2 hour online session Joanna leads and joins you in gaining inspiration, teachings, shamanic journey missions, the 'how to' of rituals and creative crafts for the season.  You start to create your 'ceremony' - a time where you focus on the season out in nature with your spirits and create simple but powerful rituals, with guidance, to connect to nature and the spirits of nature.

Buddy Calls:

You meet with your assigned buddy that week, someone you get to know well by the end of your partnership together for this 6 weeksperiod, online or by phone, to talk through our ideas and firm up our plans.  You get to clarify, listen, laugh and share.  If you're an introvert, you will be guided in these calls, with clear topics and timings to create a simple format.  Your spiritual path is validated more by this sharing - an aspect often missing from for us as talking about spirit helpers is often difficult in every day life!

Honing Your Ceremony Q&A Online session 2:

All your questions about designing your ceremony are brought into this informal gathering.  Joanna offers guidance and coaching to help you on your way.  You are readied for the practices and rituals that feel right for you.

The Ceremony:

You may have journeyed to prepare with guidance from your spirits, journalled and chatted.  Now you go out into nature alone, or with your family and friends if that's what you have chosen.  You connect with nature in her own territory, knowing others in the circle are doing this too.  You honour this time in the cycle of the Sun, sensing the earth, connecting with nature.

You might dance, sing, light a small fire, create a nature mandala, walk, camp, tell stories, sit out overnight, release patterns in ritual, connect with 'ogham' trees.  The possibilities are endless yet tailored to fit perfectly with your life circumstances.

The Sharing Online Session 3:

You gather back in circle to feast and enjoy our tales from our experiences.  We share it all! From laughing at how we tripped over the threshold of our ceremony to the deeply moving, heartfelt resonance of the teaching nature gave us.  You may cry as you retell your experiences, hearing the significance of the whispers of your heart out loud, honour your spirits as you bring them into our human companionship.  Together, we are  allenriched, lifted, touched.

The Weaving:

You bring your experiences, spirit teachings, ritual enhancements and richness of practice into the days and weeks that follow.  We all look forward to meeting again and preparing for the half season celebration to come.

Now you 'dance' with the Sun and the Moon in your daily life, and look forward to new steps on the horizon of your spiritual and everyday path.

Surprise Bonus:

We share an impromptu full moon ceremony or other addition.  Joanna shares a pop up talk via Facebook and then you can choose to work with this extra ritual if you wish.

Joanna is understanding, knowledgable and entirely accepting.  I felt she completely understood my hesitation and worries. And that she knows so much about shamanism, coaching and human nature. It’s clear that everything she teaches she has experienced yourself on a very deep level, and her intuition was a part of everything she teaches and shares. 

Also, I always felt that I could freely share my thoughts and feelings with her, that I could be completely honest about where I was, emotionally and/or mentally. I always felt seen, heard, respected and appreciated for who I am.

Brenda McLamb, USA

This Course is for...


Spiritual, shamanically-guided, heart-centered people who want to learn how to connect to the seasons and cycles of nature in a unique, spirit-aligned programme, with support and guidance, and learning seasonal rituals to connect with variety and ease so they don’t have to feel out of alignment with nature, pressure that they 'should' be doing more of a shamanic practice so that they can experience connection instead of isolation,do the rituals and ceremonies in line with their spirits and nature and feel happier as they go about their day to day lives.

Learning how to create your own ceremonies with guidance and your spirits will help you deepen your shamanic practice, actually getting it done not just thought about, with community and support, laughter and sharing and eating chocolate along the way!

Note:  Programme strictly limited to 8 participants, first come first served.  So book early to avoid disappointment.  Bookings close 30 November.

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"Joanna's theme of asking the full moon for help with releasing really called to me.  I made a list inspired by her suggestions & drummed shamanically in the dusk.
I wanted to release old ‘ I can't’ thoughts relating to playing my fiddle. I played a bit after making the list, before doing the drumming and after that it really did go more easily. Well exciting!!"

Janey Verney, UK

Why learn with me?

After decades of many trainings with many different shamanic, animistic and wilderness spirit teachers, and years of practice, I am ready to share what I have picked out as most significant, most powerful, most effective practices to deepen your own connection to spirit.
And yet, I have also struggled with connecting to spirit and nature amongst the busy-ness of life.  Army officer, working Mum of 2 boys, healer, wife, spaniel-walker and general dog-servant, I've had to juggle fitting this connection around everday living.
In sharing this programme, and others like it, I've woven my experiences and practices together in a way I know works and is achievable - even in the busiest of lifestyles.
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“If you’re thinking about working with Joanna, hurry up and book your place!  She has huge amounts of knowledge, skill, training and intuition, as well as a very kind heart… and a priceless sense of humor!”

Brenda McLamb, USA

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  • 6 month programme
  • 3 Online sessions every 6 weeks
  • Dedicated Group support throughout
  • Celebrate each half season
  • Deepen spirit, nature and community connection
  • Pay over 7 months December - June
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Best value

  • 6 month programme
  • 3 Online sessions every 6 weeks
  • Dedicated Group support throughout
  • Celebrate each half season
  • Deepen spirit, nature and community connection
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  • If money is the only obstacle...
  • Same 6 month programme & support
  • Celebrate each half season
  • Deepen connection
  • We'll work out a fee to support your needs & heart
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