Shamanic 1:1 Sessions & Courses in Season 

Shamanism gives you the ways and tools to connect to your individual loving and wise spirit guides and helpers using ancient, tried and tested practices.  Whether you're a complete novice or experienced practitioner there are courses, gatherings and programmes online and in person throughout the year.

You may also want to work with me 1:1 for healing, soul retrieval or shamanic counselling.  Details are further down the page.

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Joanna x 

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“Joanna is one of life's true guides and genuine, heart centred people and I feel blessed that we have crossed paths.

She is extremely knowledgeable about shamanism and you can tell when she speaks what a core part of her life it is. I always feel very comfortable in her presence. She makes me feel like I am capable of anything!

I always leave Joanna's workshops feeling totally empowered, like I've learned something from someone who holds real wisdom, and know in the next session I will learn and expand even more.”

Helen Elder, UK

Courses in Season...

Courses come and go over time and over seasons.  This is usually based on a balance of 'living it to give it' where I take time out of teaching to build my personal practice and live according to the values of my heart. 

New shamanic courses will be appearing soon, and right now is the very special 'More to Life!' Programme for 2022.  This includes many aspects of shamanism plus incredible  Wayfinder Life Coaching and Sacred Nature rituals and ceremonies to help you live your life on purpose.

There will be many more offerings to come.  Sign up to my newsletter for all the latest info. 

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Coming Up...

6 Week Online Programme

A Taste of Spirit


  • Learn to Meet Your Helping Spirits or Power Animals
  • Discover the Shamanic Cosmos
  • Work with your Power Place & Rattle
  • Experience Shamanic Journeys

Online Programme thru' year

The Dance of the Sun and the Moon


  • Connect with the Seasons & the Land 
  • Work with Solstices, Equinoxes & Cross Quarter Days
  • Deepen Your Practice
  • Starts December 2021

Monthly, Pay as You Go

Shamanic Practice Gatherings


  • Themed monthly gatherings
  • Mostly online
  • Minimum commitment
  • For those who know how to do a shamanic journey already

“Committing to a course with Joanna, with personal and small group homework, gave me a real sense of achievement. I need and ultimately enjoy being nudged out of my comfort zone.  Joanna opened a portal to another world quite literally.  So exciting! 

Better still, it always felt completely safe and manageable as Joanna is eminently sensible (not at all woo woo) and grounded. She carries great strength, being direct yet never offending!  She communicates so well and intuitively picks up on what people need and want with complete respect for each individual’s needs.”

Simone Taylor, UK

Shamanic 1:1 Sessions

I offer a number of 1:1 sessions.  Nowadays these are mostly online - and work surprisingly well... distance bothers humans, not spirits!

There are a number of different options depending on your need and your budget.  These fees allow me to support my family, but if money is the only object (and you can search in your heart for the truth of this) then I am always happy to talk and see what we can arrange to suit you.

If you are unsure what work would suit you, please fill in my contact form with as much information as possible so we can see what might help you.

Recordings are provided with all sessions if requested.

“Since learning to work with my spirit helpers I feel so comforted.  I know I’m not alone in my own head and space.  And I’m not alone in my decisions.   A really concrete example is that I used to experience that RAGE, you know, like that email that sits on your mind, or when someone cuts me up in traffic. And now, since the journey I did to ask my spirits to help with this, every time something happens I just think ‘let it go’ and it’s gone.  Just like that!”

Ange Briggs, UK

Shamanic Mentoring


Enhance Your Shamanic Practice

  • Move Your Shamanic Practice Forward with one hour 1:1
  • Get questions answered and coached
  • Share Journey experiences
  • Crate Journey Missions from your Heart and/or Learn Rituals
  • And whatever else you need
  • For those with a shamanic practice, or curious!

Shamanic Healing


The Launching Point

  • Bring your issue to the spirits
  • 2 sessions: Explore  Your Issue (30 mins) 
  • Joanna journeys live to do the first Healing Journey (60 mins)
  • You do not need a shamanic practice to take part
  • Healing may be complete or sometimes follow up work is suggested depending on what happens in the Healing Journey

Shamanic Counselling


Deepen Your Understanding

  • 1hr 45 to explore an issue close from your heart
  • We frame the 'mission' and you do the journey in the session
  • Deepen your shamanic journey experience and understanding
  • Great for experienced practitioners with 'big' issues
  • Or for beginners who want to learn/deepen 1:1

"One of my favorite things about working with Joanna is her gift to calmly provide a safe space to uncover the deeper reason I sought her help.  Each time I come away with insight to move forward.  She’s intuitive, compassionate and truthful. 

What sets her apart is her gift to call upon her wealth of knowledge and training from coaching to shamanism to one to one natural medicine. She has the ability to pivot within a session based on her client’s needs in the moment.

Tish Dragonette, USA

Why learn with me?

I have many decades of living and breathing shamanism.  Early on in my so-called 'shamanic career' my spirits told me to teach.  I have drifted on and off this path, but time and again I am called back to it.

I have extensive 1:1 and group experience & training, plus years of shamanic training with wonderful teachers like Jonathan Horwitz, Annette Host, Nick Breeze-Wood, Betsy Bergstrom and others. 

My most important guidance comes from over 2 decades of relationship with my own spirit helpers. 

Using a 'circle' format, my spirits and I hold a strong, heart-centred container for you to deepen your own spiritual experiences and teachings safely within. 


Joanna is understanding, knowledgable and entirely accepting.  I felt she completely understood my hesitation and worries. And that she knows so much about shamanism, coaching and human nature. It’s clear that everything she teaches she has experienced yourself on a very deep level, and her intuition was a part of everything she teaches and shares. 

Also, I always felt that I could freely share my thoughts and feelings with her, that I could be completely honest about where I was, emotionally and/or mentally. I always felt seen, heard, respected and appreciated for who I am.

Brenda McLamb, USA

Since I met Joanna many years ago I jfelt her strong and dedicated commitment to her path and work.  She has excellent formulation and communication skills and I knew I could trust her work. Since then, she has gained even more experience and is overwhelmingly able to navigate her skills to meet the needs of those she works with.

Classes are well planned and facilitated, kept to time, include lecturing and giving participants space - and Joanna is broad minded and fun!  The combination of shamanic practice and coaching is excellent, and in individual sessions she has a huge ability to listen, choose relevant tools and approach and keep the sessions on track. Working with Joanna is a very fruitful ‘addition’ to other trauma & healing work I have experienced

Karen Helene Wulff, Denmark

I would like to thank my own helping spirits for all they do to empower my life, and to keep me on track with my heart and spirit.

With their endless patience I create each offering taking every measure to ensure that it is the most comprehensive, supportive and life-changing experience possible. 

It is my wish that each offering helps every single one of you to live your best, most joyful and most authentic life in partnership with your own helping spirits.

I cannot wait to work with you!

Joanna x

“If you’re thinking about working with Joanna, hurry up and book your place!  She has huge amounts of knowledge, skill, training and intuition, as well as a very kind heart… and a priceless sense of humor!”

Brenda McLamb, USA