Unlock Your True Desires: The Live Your Authentic, Heart-Led Life Retreat

Embrace your heart's truth and learn to easily life your true desires. 
A 3 day immersive, rural retreat with support calls.

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Step Fully into a Life Guided by Your Heart: Practical and Grounded Methods to Transform Desire into Reality. 

First ever UK Residential Retreat 31 May - 2 June.

Learn tried and tested, repeatable methods to listen to your heart, get in touch with your authentic dreams and feelings and take easy, guided and practical steps to welcome this into your life.

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Unlock A Life You Love

Embark on an immersive retreat designed to help you listen to your heart and honour your deepest values. You'll rediscover your authentic self and unlock a life of fulfillment and purpose.

Using guided Heart-Led Life exercises, tools, and activities that involve body, mind, emotions and soul you'll:

  • Cut out the noise, drop into yourself and really listen to your heart - your inner navigation system.
  • Map your path from 'there must be more' and 'maybes' into¬†specifics that feel deeply¬†right.
  • Discover¬†your intuition, your connection to the consciousness beyond the physical however feels right for you.
  • Stop uncertainty and second guessing,¬†know for sure that your next steps are aligned with your truth and deep desire (differentiate from socially conditioned thinking).
  • Unhook the thoughts that keep you stuck so you can move forward with more ease.
  • Experience¬†more joy, peace and fulfilment every day for months to come.
  • Know how to get back on track when you're back home with reliable, repeatable steps.

In Your Authentic, Heart-led Retreat you’ll learn how to finally get clear on your most genuine heart's desires and translate them into livable steps.


I'm Joanna and I'm excited to help you…

Whether it's going on a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, write a novel, ditch the boring day job, let your dog have puppies or improve your relationship with your partner, self or child your heart knows precisely what you deeply desire.

My Heart-Led Method will take you towards the life you intuitively know you want, whether you are currently clear on what this is or not!

We'll work in relaxed, intimate group sessions to help you access that quiet voice within.  You'll learn to listen to your heart and be guided to gently shift your life so your inner wisdom becomes your guiding compass.  Stick with the method and in a few weeks' time you'll look back and be proud of your accomplishments.

Step Away From It All

Ammerdown Retreat Centre

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Escape to Tranquility to Hear Your Heart's Whisper

Step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the peaceful rural retreat that is Ammerdown.  You will supercharge your ability to listen to your heart's truth in amongst the trees, plants and flowers, surrounded by birdsong and nature.  You'll anchor into the power of your true, essential self and create the plans for your future that make your heart sing. You’ll experience

  • A rural retreat in the heart of Somerset
  • Your own,¬†private room with ensuite shower (or double or shared with friends if you prefer)
  • 3 full meals a day, with 2 tea and coffee breaks, to suit all dietary requirements
  • Curated grounds, woodland walks, a spiritual library, a labyrinth and even a chapel for quiet contemplation.

Let others take care of your daily needs while you sit back and allow your dreams to surface.

What's Included In The Retreat...


Welcome and First Steps

Creating a safe container for the programme is important, and we meet via Zoom for two short sessions to get some warm up inspiration and mini practices to allow you to meet others on the retreat to get to know them a little before you arrive:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Where are you on your life's path?¬† A system to help you know how to respond
  • Getting clear on the heart and the mind - the socially programmed self vs your true self
  • How to create the feelings you want, starting today.

You’ll meet a small group of like minded people and set yourself up for success on the retreat. These will be at 6pm UK on 15 & 22 May.  Recordings will also be available in case you can't make the date or to rewatch if you wish.


Your body and desire

You arrive mid afternoon and meet your fellow participants in person.The next step is to start to experience some of the ways you can listen to your heart: You’ll learn and experience:

  • The body as a compass to accessing your heart
  • Getting profound - an exercise from two perspectives
  • Experiencing the Way of Council - talking and listening from the heart.

You’ll go to bed already changed and grounded in listening to your true desires.


Dreaming, Scheming and Delimiting

The secret to following your heart is to focus on the being, the feelings you want to create and let your plan for doing come from that.   In this lesson, you’ll:

  • Experience ways to connect with your future dream feelings to clarify your heart's desires
  • Focus on all aspects of your life - relationships, health, work, leisure, time, money, spirituality and more.
  • Learn how to respectfully dissolve any thoughts that come up that limit your dreams

You’ll finish this day with a clear map of where you want to go and you heart buzzing with potential.


Making It Real

This is where we focus on how to follow your heart's map in real life beyond the retreat so it doesn't just become a happy memory!  Today you’ll:

  • Create Stepping Stones to keep things simple
  • Tips and techniques to stay heart-led in a mind focused society
  • A short daily practice to keep you on your path.

You’ll leave the retreat mid afternoon, ready to implement this way of being back in the 'real world'.


Celebrating & Maintaining Your Journey

You'll meet once more over Zoom to help you stay on track now you're back at the coal face of life.  In this call you’ll:

  • Discover the power of risk.
  • Implement a simple rewards system to keep you moving forward.
  • This is in addition to the 21 Day Simple Practice Workbook you'll receive to keep you moving forward.

You'll weave all you have learned into your every day life so you truly experience the results.  6pm UK time on Wednesday 12 June.



Incredible Bonuses

In addition to this full and life changing programme you'll receive

  • A 1:1 30 minute Focus Call with Joanna via Zoom in May to get you started (to suit your schedule)
  • A 15 minute Astro Heart Chart astrological reading to gain some insight from the stars (based on your birthchart) with Joanna (optional, as this may not be everyone's cup of tea!)
  • A full WorkBook for the Retreat containing all the exercises to keep, plus a pdf you can keep so you can access any of these exercises in the future.
  • Your 21 Day Simple Practice Making It Happen Workbook to keep you moving forward.
  • An Early Bird Discount of ¬£50 if you book by 2 April¬†

This Retreat Is For You If...

  • Life is whizzing past and you feel you're missing something
  • You've lost track of who you really are
  • You dream of living a more¬†fulfilled and 'on purpose' life
  • You want more peace, freedom and joy in your every day being
  • You don't want to¬†hesitate and let life just happen to you
  • You feel you have more to give or experience in your life

I'm Joanna Shipley

Through a unique mix of holistic, heart-centered mentoring and Martha Beck Wayfinder Master Life coaching,¬†I guide people to make powerful transformations in their lives and practices¬†‚Äď removing the mindsets and patterns that hold them back, creating heart-singing work or businesses they didn‚Äôt dare believe they could create, curating relationships that fully fill their souls and connecting to spirit for divine answers, insight and guidance.¬†

I help make what seems impossible to you right now not only possible… but DONE. Incredible changes that bring you to a life of authenticity, integrity, truth and purpose - where you begin to realize just how amazing you really are.  Where you get to fall in love with life.

And in a group setting I get to share my 20+ years' experience of running spiritual training and Way of Council sharing to help you to access your own heart, spirit and soul for your intuitive guidance and wisdom that I know is within every single one of us.

‚ÄúLife finally feels authentic to my soul.‚ÄĚ

“Joanna helped me put my life onto a trajectory that finally feels authentic to my soul. She is wise, giving, full of heart, direct yet kind, and a great listener.  Joanna gave me tons of encouragement and practical, manageable aligned steps. 

In fact, most important to me is that I now have reuseable tools that I continue to use beyond our work togehter to help navigate the challenges and messiness of life.‚ÄĚ

- Diane Shaughnessy

‚ÄúShe‚Äôs intuitive, compassionate and truthful.‚ÄĚ

“One of my favorite things about working with Joanna is her gift to calmly provide a safe space to uncover the deeper reason I sought her help. Each time I come away with insight to move forward.  She’s intuitive, compassionate and truthful. 

What sets her apart is her gift to call upon her wealth of knowledge and training from coaching to shamanism to one to one natural medicine. She has the ability to pivot based on her client‚Äôs needs in the moment.‚Ä̬†

- Tish Dragonette USA

‚ÄúNo longer lost, I've found¬†what I was looking for.‚ÄĚ

"When you are missing something, wherever you are stuck, Joanna just helps you to fill in that gap with whatever is already within you.  I was unsure which direction to go in in my work. Unable to decide where to invest my focus. I had tried a few avenues but they had not worked out.    

Joanna just holds your hand to go inwards, to find what you are looking for and helping you along the way with any falls, hills and blips.  You no longer feel alone in a lost place."

- Viviana Patterson

The 'Live Your Authentic, Heart-Led Life' Retreat

Payment Plan


2 monthly payments

Save £50! Early bird price: £385 for 1st instalment, 2nd at £435, if pay first instalment by 2 Apr. 

Enter code EBP24 at checkout.


Pay In Full


EARLY BIRD - book by 2 April and pay £800

Save £50!
Early bird price of £800 if pay first instalment by 2 Apr. 

Enter code EBF24 at checkout.

Non-Refundable Deposit

As accommodation will be booked in advance, the minimum £385 is a non-refundable deposit for your place at the retreat.  The full amount is payable by 15 May.  Programme commences Wednesday 15 May via Zoom.