About Joanna


I help people align their lives and holistic business practices, and bring them in sync with their heart and spirit, unlocking a path of direction and purpose, of unparalleled joy and freedom. Where their hearts sing and their spirits soar. 

Through a unique mix of shamanism and Martha Beck Wayfinder life Master coaching, I guide people to make powerful transformations in their lives – removing the mindsets and patterns that hold them back, creating heart-singing work or businesses they didn’t dare believe they could create, curating relationships that fully fill their souls and connecting to spirit for divine answers, insight and guidance.

I help make what seems impossible to you right now not only possible… but DONE. Incredible changes that bring you to a life of authenticity, integrity, truth and purpose - where you begin to realize just how dazzling you really are.

But I didn’t start out feeling that way myself. Until I found my path, my road was rocky indeed.

Joanna is extremely knowledgeable and  she speaks from the heart. I feel very comfortable in her presence, and she makes me feel like I am capable of anything.
I always leave Joanna's workshops and coaching feeling totally empowered, like I've learned something from someone who holds real wisdom, and I always look forward to the next session as I know I will learn and expand even more.

Sheila Cooper, Homeopath, UK

How I Got Here


I’ve always been searching for “more” to life. Even as a child, I knew there was a purpose to my life… if only I could put my finger on it. So I went through most of my life searching, experimenting, striving to tap into that deep sense of inner purpose.

That winding path of exploration took me many places. I reached quite a level of success in the corporate world (both public and private sector) - but at the end of it, I felt so out-of-tune with myself that I literally made myself gravely ill. I knew this wasn’t me… but I didn’t know what “me” was.

I left that career and ventured into the Army of all things (perhaps that would challenge me to push my limits!) to see if that would help me find a better direction for my life. It was intense, and at times rewarding, but my soul was still whispering, this isn’t meI was still seeking, but the pain of a life out-of-sync wasn’t going anywhere.

In the midst of my Army career, I kept searching - delving into tarot, psychic readings, oracle cards, angel workshops, new age everything - even down to mediumship with the Spiritualist Church.  But still, nothing created that “click” moment that we all yearn for.

Then one day, I saw an advert for something called a “shamanic workshop” and decided to give it a try.

On my way there, I found myself stuck between two cars in an accident on a narrow English country lane. By the time I arrived at the workshop, it had already begun and I had missed the entire introductory talk!

I walked in hearing that I was supposed to lie down and go on a journey. (A journey? I’ve only just arrived!). I was told that I needed to lie down and listen to the facilitator drumming, while holding the intention to meet my “power animal”.

This experience changed the course of my life - all in a few short but hugely powerful moments.

While lying down, listening to the drums, opening myself to spirit - I finally found what I was looking for. I found my power animal, and could feel the spiritual connection flow in as this beautiful spirit creature merged with me.

I felt the love, joy, belonging and connection I’d been seeking as I met my power animal for the very first time. My soul woke up as if to say, Yes! THIS is me! And I immediately knew that all the answers I’d ever need in my life would be found in that connection to spirit.

Over the years, I went on to learn more, meeting amazing teachers from all over the world. I discovered that yes, the amazing connection with my spirit helpers would indeed give me ALL the help, healing, guidance and wisdom I’d ever need.

My spirits told me to teach. They told me to leave the army and become a homeopath - which I did for 17 years, eventually becoming a lecturer, tutor and supervisor in the field. In the meantime I deepened my shamanic practice, married a wonderful husband and started my parenting journey. The path was taking me where I wanted to go, step by step.  Better and better.

A few years ago, my spirits revealed the next turn on my life’s path - to coach other seekers and practitioners full time, adding the tools and life strategies of teachers like Martha Beck and Byron Katie, even training as a certified Mastercoach, in concert with the spiritual direction of ‘core’ shamanism.

It’s been quite a path these last few decades. But through it all, I know from experience that whenever I listen to my heart (or my spirits) my life has more joy, more peace and more freedom. And that is the signal which helps me know without a moment of doubt that I’m on the right track.

Which brings me to you. :)

“One of my favorite things about working with Joanna is her gift to calmly provide a safe space to uncover the deeper reason I sought her help.  Each time I come away with insight to move forward.  She’s intuitive, compassionate and truthful. 
What sets her apart is her gift to call upon her wealth of knowledge and training from coaching to shamanism to one to one natural medicine. She has the ability to pivot within a session based on her client’s needs in the moment.” 

Tish Dragonette USA

Why I do This Work


My vision is that each person I work with becomes more true to themselves. More heartfelt, more heart-connected, more authentic, more natural, more full of personal integrity or wholeness… more them. Moving ever closer to becoming the person they’ve always dreamed of being. 

When you connect with your true purpose - when you’re in tune with your own deep internal compass - you can find your way in this world, the right way for you. And those who truly have found their way step forward into the world to make it a better place, a safer place, a more healed place.

As you get in touch with your personal truths and develop a spiritual connection you can always depend on, you naturally step forward and make the world a better place too. You can reach your potential and offer more to the world, something powerful and meaningful and real. 

And that, for me, is true and deep healing. The world needs this. And so that is where I choose to serve.

I continue to do this work as well because I love witnessing people’s transformations. Watching them finding their own path, letting go of what holds them stuck, seeing their whole face and being light up when they find what truly works for them. (It’s amazing how much younger people look after they’ve had these transformational experiences and how much more fun life is!)

And when I hear about my clients’ successes, when I can watch healing happen and hear about how they overcome obstacles and challenges… I just know it’s what I’m here for.

Nothing is more powerful than a conversation that opens one's heart to expand. I had the immense pleasure to have a session with the wonderful Joanna that was a perfect example of that. Her compassion, wisdom, and guidance allow for deep reflection and higher self-awareness.

Thank you, Joanna. I am so very grateful.

Evelyn Glick USA

What Makes Me Different


Because of the lifelong “winding path” I traveled to get to where I am now, I bring a wide range of approaches to the work I do with clients.

My mix of shamanism + Martha Beck life coaching tools + teaching is a unique combination. (I’m a certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach, and I’m currently undertaking Master Coach Training as well.)

I have a (first class honours) degree in Integrated Health and a Diploma in Adult Education. I’ve spent my time in corporations, the civil service, in the Army and lecturing, tutoring and supervising at college. I’ve also had over 20 years of non-stop training with shamanic mentors and teachers from all over the world.

All this creates a mix that allows me to go deep and connect with clients from all walks of life, from all faiths, in all kinds of circumstances. My clinical experience gives me a background in working sensitively with life’s most difficult issues, traumas and ‘darkest’ thoughts.

Working with soldiers and officers, hospital trust CEO’s and Chairmen, civil servants, antenatal education and childbirth, and (literally) thousands of clients means NOTHING shocks me. I’ve heard it all before, so we can quickly engage with whatever’s going on for you and find out the best next steps for you.                                             

In short, I listen. I hold a space for my clients so we can dive deep and stay grounded. I intuitively seek what’s most important to focus on now. I empower my clients by giving them options and choices for what to work on first with fabulous tools to get them clear, and sometimes surprising, answers. I can lead coaching sessions effectively so that you get the most out of our time together.

And I bring a blend of empathy and creativity that leads to unlocking those life transformations that we’re all seeking. Together, we’ll blend the spiritual with the practical and come out the other side with a clear sense of purpose and direction.

What I Believe


I believe we are all here for a purpose. We have unique skills and zones of genius that can create a life of joy and freedom when we can connect deeply with that purpose.

I believe a mix of Martha Beck Wayfinder coaching and shamanism can take us all closer to that place of clear purpose.

I believe we ALL have access to spirit help, healing, wisdom and guidance, gained through developing and deepening our relationship with spirit.

I believe that every single person who connects with their heart or spirit steps out into the world happier, more healed, more whole. I believe this has a ripple effect, so the world becomes more healed, whole and happy as a result. 

I believe everything we experience is part of what makes us perfect. Nothing is wasted.  And that there are ways to learn life’s lessons more quickly, and move our lives forward in a more clear, connected and heartfelt way.

I believe that when we are on track with who we really are, life is easier.  It’s more fun.  More peaceful.  More joyful.  Freer.  Synchronicities happen.  We get a leg up from the Universe.  Things just somehow fall into place, naturally.

And I believe that ALL the answers are within us, we just need a little bit of help to excavate them - and compassionate, clear support to encourage us take those next steps.

“Joanna is wise, giving, full of heart, direct yet kind, and a great listener.”

Helen Elder

Are We Kindred Spirits?


I struggled for over 25 years to find the work of my heart. I couldn’t connect to spirit naturally, and I didn’t think it was possible for me until I found the ways I use now.

During that time, I have experienced depression, post-natal depression and even contemplated suicide at my worst moments. I had a ream of dismal, failed relationships before spirit guided me towards something better.

I have felt stuck, numb, dead, and tired. I chased what I hoped would make me feel better - drinking, partying, extreme exercise (military training), salary, even working 110-hour weeks in an attempt to “have it all”.

And none of it was working. And nothing did work, until I found a way to connect with spirit and learn to listen for guidance and direction from my heart and soul.

Perhaps you’re a kindred spirit. Perhaps you’ve been trying to find your way for a long time now. Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s possible for you to find your purpose and unlock your own life transformation.

If you are, there’s something I need to tell you:


You already know all the answers you seek. All of them. And you can find them easily with time, commitment and guidance.


If you would like some help and guidance to unlock the answers for you, then please get in touch.  There’s so much we can do together.


With love,



PS – I also have a free private Facebook Group called the Heart and Spirit Circle. You are warmly invited to join us!