Shorter Courses & 1:1 Sessions


1:1 Sessions

These are my most accessible sessions open to all with no application process. On booking, a scheduling calendar will be sent via email after payment.  For block booking and discount packages and group courses, please book an explore call (below) to discuss your unique requirements, or see relevant page when available.

All sessions are available online.  

1:1 Coaching Sessions:

Online via Zoom with or without video, or phone if in the UK.  

To discuss options for deep dive longer term coaching - such as the 6 month 'Life on Purpose' 1:1 programme to REALLY get you on track, or the 'My Joyful Practice' for homeopaths, coaches, therapists and healers, book your free 'no-strings' explore call now.

1:1 Shamanic Sessions:

These work surprisingly well online!  A pivot in the pandemic, tracing roots back to phone counselling back in the early noughties means that this spiritual work can be brought into your life wherever you are in the world.  Time and distance are a human illusion, and not one the spirits hold us to.  If in person work is recommended, such as soul retrieval work, Joanna will advise, or contact Joanna using the 'Contact' page.

Short Courses and Workshops

Section in progress:  updates to follow soon!

Please note:  These are the prices I offer to support my training, living and family life.  If you are unable to pay the full amount, scholarships are often available.  Please book an explore call to discuss (no pressure, no judgement, always confidential).