"I nearly gave up as a homeopath, but now feel like it's a proper job, a success!" Tales from the coaching room part 1.

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I often get asked 'What's it like working with you?' and 'What will I get from working with you?'  Well, Catrin was kind enough to hop on and explain.

I work with many people but in 2 main camps. 

  • Wonderful seekers of purpose and meaning, who want to live a heart or soul-filled life and be reinspired and fall in love with the life they lead. 
  • Incredible therapists, coaches, homeopaths and bodyworkers who want to create a Soul Filled Practice and make the world a better place with the work that they do.

in either group, we have a lot of fun, use creative tools and ways to work.  We go deep when needed.  Shallow if it's called for.  I take note of where each client is at in their work and life, in each session, and choose tools to reflect where they are - always trusting the client has their own answers inside of them (unless a little mentoring tip would rocket them forward faster).  We can dream and scheme an ideal future and use this heart and soul based, sense drenched experience like a destination setting on their practice's sat nav.  We can help dissolve those thoughts that keep them playing small, lacking confidence, not earning enough and help them to break through the barriers and attract their ideal clients (think paying on time clients who make your heart sing). Or we can work out what it is that you would deeply love to do and make it happen.  And a thousand other things that happen when we are deeply present.

It never gets boring!

Every now and again someone is kind enough to share their experience so that others get an insider's view into how things work out.  

One such person is the wonderful Catrin Rees, a homeopath and member of the Society of Homeopaths who is doing incredible work in Neath, Wales, focusing on the menopause (although she can pretty much turn her hand to anything). 

I had the privilege of working with Catrin last year and watched her go from burnout and giving up (undercharging, overworking, doing too many things in a maximalist approach) to the successful practice she dreamed of.

In fact,after just 5 sessions she told me

"I’ve already started to feel a difference in the way I’m doing things.  I know with work and clients I’m much more decisive, I’ve been prescribing much more quickly which is great!  I’m doing less case analysis so I’ve got more time. 

"I just feel less overwhelmed with it, which makes me feel I have room for more clients now. It’s refreshing to actually think ahead to have something to aim for, but without pressure on myself.

"Before this work, I was even considering getting another job, thinking could I even make my practice work? But now I want to give up my one day a week job and have that day for more homeopathy clients!  I will be earning what I feel I should be earning as well.

"I’ve reflected back and I can see the difference in each session.  It’s a process.  

I feel I’m making big strides, and I can see now I can have a successful homeopathic practice."

So I wanted to share 'from the horse's mouth" (even if we were both a little nervous.  Can you tell?!). Enjoy.  

Joanna xx

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P.P.S. If you, or anyone else you know, is experiencing problems related to menopause, perimenopause, PMS, problematic periods or hormones then I highly recommend reaching out to Catrin here.