How to create the life of your dreams (a practical next step).

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Do you want to get closer to your life purpose?

To follow your heart and soul all the more?

To find out what your authentic self is yearning to do?

It could be a job, a hobby, a place or way of life or finding a partner. It could be creating the health or coaching practice that truly delights you.

But it all starts with NOTICING your inner urges.

It's one of the things I help my clients with all the time - it's never a 'fixed goal' as it changes as we change.

And here is one of my favourite tips to get NOTICING what it might be.

Start to NOTICE and pay attention to the things that inspire you! It's one of Martha Beck's 3N's - to notice, narrow and name.

The key is NOT to narrow or notice what your life purpose might be, but to stay in the place of playing, dreaming, creating for much longer than you might think.

This allows ideas to percolate, to evolve, to crystallise after changing, and change some more. Our so called Western culture is generally pretty poor at this - there is a rush to get things into action. Although some people can have a habit of never taking action so it's a balance!


 So this is what I'd like you to do.

 Notice the pictures in magazines, the topics that amuse you, the articles you read. 

If you can, BOOKSHOPS and LIBRARIES are fabulous for this. Go for a browse, but don't head to your usual favourite section. Walk around with an air of curiousity. See where your inner child wants to dwell and play.

Is it Italian architecture?

The history of the Vietnam War?

A new way of prescribing or practising in your health practice?

Travel books about Cusco and Macchu Picchu?

Formula 1 motoracing books?

Natural history and trees in particular?

Coaching clients in the wilderness?

Or flick through Netflix, iPlayer, Apple TV - whatever - and see what sort of programmes appeal. Documentaries on excavations? Murder mysteries set in Spain? Rom coms and feel good dramams?

REMEMBER - there are NO rules in the world of dreaming and scheming.

NO limiting beliefs such as it seeming strange, or it doesn't fit. 


And a TOP TIP...

Keep a little notebook of ideas, in paper or on your photo. You can add photos to it too. You can even put things that appeal in a box or laundry basket and create a 3D idea container.

Add, add, add!

And remember, do not rush to make it 'mean' anything. Just indulge all your senses without censorship. Follow your DELIGHT.

Do let me know what you discover along the way!

Joanna x

P.S. If you'd like to work with me to expand your vision, to dream and scheme beyond your daring and make bring it into the real world without hangups and blocks then book a call with me to discuss how this might be possible for you.

P.P.S. If you're not in the place to dream and scheme because you've had a big life event take over, that's completely normal.  Take time to feel what's going on for you.  Dreaming and scheming comes after we've worked with the emotions and stuck thoughts that cause use suffering.  Be kind to you.  And resting is often a good place to start.

Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash - chosen because of a synchonicity with a fabulous client today!