Primroses and Therapists: an update on my next steps working with homeopaths and others...

business coaching coaching practice enoughness grow your business from your heart homeopath homeopathy life coaching money coaching nature spiritual magic Apr 12, 2022

Are you a therapist, homeopath, coach or healer working 1:1 with clients?  If so, I have some news!

It's been a little while since I wrote.  I've been busy, melting down and reforming. 

That sounds drastic.  It wasn't (thanks to many years of coaching which helps us move through transformation more easily)!

It wasn't a full-on-tears-and-sobs meltdown. It was more akin to winter.  Pausing, refreshing, reframing and looking at 2022 and beyond. Echoing the season around me.

Remember me saying let's "avoid the tyranny of New Year" - with its resolutions and plans?  Well I took my own advice, uncomfortable as doing-not-much felt!  Those cultural urges to 'achieve' are strongly programmed, wouldn't you agree?  

In the end it took me 3 months of sloooooooooooow until something naturally wanted to grow.  Snowdrops taught me to stay close to the earth, brace for more bad weather, and not over-reach.

Yet, moving into April, as the primroses thrive, I am finally getting my own little flowers blooming.

Maybe this has happened to you.  The wisdom of not forcing, but allowing.  It is so counter-culture, but always so much easier in the long run.  If you've never tried it that may sound crazy.  But if you do it, with your whole heart, it never fails to amaze!

So, after breaking down my old, stuck thoughts in the winter's frosts and stillness, and coccooning against the cold, allowing emotions (especially the stuck, not-quite-sure-what-they-mean ones) to move through me, I have my own NEW BLOOMS to share with a group of people very close to my heart. 


As a homeopath for 17 years, as well as college lecturer, tutor and supervisor, the healing professions are deeply important to me.  And in 2021 I became a certified Martha Beck Mastercoach and feel deeply marinated in so many ways to help people move forward in line with heart, nature and spirit.


[.....drumroll.....!] addition to all the delightful work I do with people to help them find their own life purpose, and live in peace, joy and harmony with spirit and nature I am DEEEELIGHTED to extend my offering to work with those who work  to help and heal others.

I will be helping those who want to grow a REWARDING therapeutic practice they L-O-V-E to be out there, working with many more of their own clients. 

With my experience of starting 6 successful homeopathic practices (yes, SIX! Including during a recession), I can help other practitioners to create the practice the LOVE with ease, freedom and JOY.  To create your business in a way that nestles with the ebb and flow of different stages of life.  It's all about HARMONY, SUSTAINABILITY and JOY.  And with a little sprinking of spiritual magic because - well, why wouldn't we?!

And in the mix, ALL my usual coaching continues - my 6 month 'life on purpose' and shamanic work will continue to weave around this new offering.  

So there will be PLENTY of new offerings, freebies and programmes to support those of us who work with others, to make YOUR practice more sustainable, harmonious and joyful.

Just watch this space and HOP OVER TO my PRIVATE 'Grow Your Practice From Your Heart' Facebook Group for homeopaths and others looking to create a thriving, sustainable and joyful practice that delights them!