The #1 Most Important Thing You Can Do to Start Your Joyful Life or Work

business coaching dream big grow your business from your heart holistic business coaching homeopath ideal day ideal life life coaching martha beck personal development personal growth soul path spiritual growth spiritual path wayfinder life coaching May 11, 2022

I often get asked specific questions:

  • How can I find the career I want to do?
  • How can I earn more in my business?
  • How can I be happier?

The good news is that there are a number of fabulous Wayfinder coaching tools that really work.  And I want to share the one I often start with to help people on the trajectory to a more joyfilled, delightful life.

It's called 'A Typical Day in My Ideal Life' and there are many ways to do this.  Done well, it is THIS that creates the container for your next moves to come.  It holds the soil for your ideal life to grow from.

And it's a deep way to get in touch with what our heart  yearns for - even if we have no clue what that is yet!

The way I do it is full on sensory.  I guide you into a deep, restful space and talk you through a typical day in your future where all your needs are met.  Maybe it's 3 years ahead, or 5, enough time for you to have made all the changes you need, to have created all the income you need for deeply rich 'enoughness'.  You use ALL your senses to 'see', hear, touch, smell and even taste your day from awakening to bedtime.  

NOTHING is too much. 

  • Want a coffee in Paris? It's YOURS.
  • A hike in the Himalayas after that? Sure, hop on over!
  • The feeling of a loving partner, even if you haven't met them yet?  All DONE FOR YOU.

As you immerse into your ideal day little magical hints will drop in.  The surprises.  The puppies you didn't know your dog would have.  The garden that reaches to the sea.  The cheering audience as you finish your first TED talk.  The deeply peaceful and calming at home experiences.  A glimpse through your diary to find your invitations and big events coming up.  Your senses tingle and your imagination and spirit soars.

  • One client, not working at the time but training to be a yoga teacher, dreamed up her perfect yoga studio, partner, young child and social justice work.
  • Another created a homeopathy practice that felt like playing Bach on the piano well - expansive, elegant, everything in its place, heart-liftingly joyful!
  • Another found herself travelling around the UK, visiting her corporate clients and loving all the connections she made - so much so she was able to re-engineer her existing role within her company to do just that.

THIS is what creates your JOYFUL life or practice.  You set the stage with a dream that creates feelings which are commonly described as:

  • peaceful
  • open
  • expansive
  • deeply happy
  • excited
  • stimulated

And there are often sensations in the body to match:

  • lifting
  • expanding
  • opening
  • rising

And THEN we work to get you towards it.  We unhook the limiting beliefs that come up and hold you back. We help you listen to your body as your greatest tour guide to your greatest life.  We create completely EASY steps towards it, a Stepping Stone here, a Stepping Stone here - or just move an inch towards it like a baby turtle moving towards the sea. 

Sometimes it happens just as we saw it.  Sometimes it's as if it were a guide that takes us closer to something else we weren't ready to imagine at the time.  But stepping towards it ALWAYS takes us closer to our joy and our true selves.

And a gift is that we FEEL it viscerally within our bodies.  The deep sensation of living that ideal life.  Like a barometer or guide we move towards anything that takes us closer to the feelings we had.  And we get to feel the feelings right NOW.  Today.  No need to wait 'until' or 'when I have x, y or z' in place. Sooo good for our health, happy hormones and immune system.

When we head towards joy in this way our ideal clients arrive.  Deep love shows up.  Synchronicities arise.  Incredible chance meetings that become door openers or our deepest lessons occur.  And we start to create what we TRULY desire in our ordinary, everyday lives.  Not socially correct 'sensible' or 'successful' achievements.  But those happenings and events that make our hearts sing from the rooftops.

Our unrestricted imagination is a portal to our Soul's desires.  Our body reflects our heart's yearnings. This is the exact place to start to create the life you want, not reinvent the old life you had in a new setting.

My work is twofold!  I work 1:1 with clients seeking more joy and freedom and to live their life on purpose.  I also work 1:1 with homeopaths, healers and coaches seeking to create a create a practice that DELIGHTS them, that’s joyful, sustainable and financially rewarding. To explore working with me (with no strings attached!) book a free explore call HERE.


Main Photo:  Greg Rakozy on Unsplash