How does life coaching improve your life? The 3 best ever life coaching tools to get you to your ideal life.

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In working with clients 1:1 for many years I have found some coaching tools work better than others.  It's the combination that's the most powerful - so I put together a little video to explain more.  

The video shows how coaching works, and my TOP 3 tools to move towards a happier, more joyful life for good.  

In fact, there are many, many different tools.  But I have found this combination of tools on their own have the power to do nearly all the heavy lifting if used well and at the right time.  Others of course deepen our experience, add new perspective, break through other issues or help us depending where we are in the Cycle of Change.

SPOILER ALERT:  I'd love you to watch the video - it shows you so much more than just the 3 tools.  But in case you're a 'quick start' conative style, or don't have 3.5 minutes, here are the top 3 coaching tools to get you moving forwards, fast, with heart, nature and soul in sync:

  • A Typical Day in my Ideal Life - guided visualisation
  • The Body Compass - a tool to help us make the best decisions using our hearts, not our heads.
  • Dissolving Limiting Beliefs - powerful 'Inquiry' work along the lines of Byron Katie, but also ACT

If you want to learn more about them the great news is I'm going to write more about each very soon.  But to tide you over I've put a resources list at the end.  This will get you going - although working through the tools with a coach (especially the first time) is the most powerful way.

But what makes the tools work best?

The keys are:

  • choosing which is best for each situation...
  • Deciding to USE it...
  • ...and then ACTUALLY USING it! 

Knowing these tools is one thing.  However, accountability - the actual doing of them with someone or some way to make sure you do it - is the powerful secret sauce that brings them to life and brings you the improvements you desire.  It's this that will really help you to make changes and saunter through the inevitable challenges that arise without stalling, baulking or procrastinating.

The accountability part is important.  I believe having a coach or significant cheerleader (a best friend without issues!) is the boost we all deserve.  We're herd animals - we like people.  Introvert or extrovert we have evolved to be social creatures.  For me, whether it's group coaching, one to one coaching, supervision (as a homeopath) or mentoring (in my shamanic practice), I've always found having others 'on my side' or 'in my team' vastly increases my success in implementing both the tools, and the choices they create.

In fact, Brene Brown shows as that we are far more likely to succeed with someone shouting support from the edge of the arena of our life as we face challenges.  And if that someone is compassionate, and can help you to process any disappointments or shame and find the healing and teachings within to help you move forward, then you will start to fly.  

And we need to get moving:

“When we spend our lives waiting until we're perfect or bulletproof before we walk into the arena, we ultimately sacrifice relationships and opportunities that may not be recoverable, we squander our precious time, and we turn our backs on our gifts, those unique contributions that only we can make,” says Brown

So we need to get going.  Alone or with company.

To this end, I'm currently doing the limiting belief dissolving exercise daily - using Byron Katie's 'The Work' or Internal Family Systems Therapy ideas.  It's great and really shifts me forward.  I know when I'm not doing it as I end up feeling scattered, procrastinating and even beat myself up with my inner monologue.  Even better for me is working with a good, transformational, Wayfinder life coach as more possibilities open up and I reach even greater depths of understanding and progress.

So I use both methods.  Working on my own path, and taking my challenges to a coach who can help me find my own answers with the perspective to help me see all the better.   I find peace, clarity and freedom.

Wouldn't you like more of this too? Heed Brene's advice - don't wait any more!

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Resources to get you started:

Finding Your Own North Star, Steering by Starlight, The Joy Diet and The Way of Integrity - all by Martha Beck. Byron Katie's website - her work can seem a little overwhelming at first.  Feel free to book your free explore call if you have questions about it!