Free Challenge: Uplevel your holistic health practice to one you LOVE this Spring. The #1 thing you need to do

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Most of the holistic health and wellbeing practitioners I work with feel something is wrong.  Whether they're homeopaths, yoga therapists, craniosacral therapists or coaches, they feel undervalued, resentful or question 'can I really make a living out of this'.

The joy of studying and early practice can wane.  We can become bogged down in tasks that don't enliven and revitalise us.  We meant to serve but have started to give away or leak our own power as we don't refresh our boundaries as time moves on.

Does this sound familiar?  If so, read on.

How does our joy in our practice wane?

When we set out in practice we are passionate about our healing and so so SO keen to use the way we've learned that we bend over backwards to fit patients or clients in.

  • I don't mind working evenings and weekends, honestly!
  • Yes I'll Skype/Zoom at lunchtime, no problem!
  • Of course I can see you after work at 6pm (I'll just see if I can arrnage childcare dogwalking etc when I'm off the call)
  • Yes I can free up Saturday morning to see you then (I'll just see if I can book a clinic room to suit)

Before we know it we're bent out of shape, getting busier and finding our time pulled in all directions (or worse, just tumbleweed because this lack of clarity and joy spreads to our potential clients.  And if they don't feel safe, because we're unsure, they don't book in).

We may have created a practice that resembles what we think it 'ought' to look like from talking to other practitioners (or worse, emulating the overstretched conventional medical profession).  We may have allowed it to evolve by placing our patient and client needs first, losing touch of what it is we wanted in the first place.

This is how we end up overworked and underpaid, resentful, confused and jaded.  Because for every hour you see a client, there's another hour (or two!) of admin, marketing, accounting, remedy ordering, note taking, case analysis and more.  Bending over backwards leads to us bending ourselves totally out of shape.  

It starts to feel wrong.

It leads to burnout.

And in the end, something will snap.

So how do we improve our holisitic health practices?

With ALL of my clients, 1:1, in group programmes, whether healers or seeking their true purpose in life, I start with the heart.

Sadly many of my clients struggle to even answer this straight away as we get further and further from it and what we believe is possible.  I ask questions like:

  • What do you YEARN for?
  • What would YOUR ideal practice look like?  No limitations.  Without fear?
  • Do you want school holidays free from patients to spend time with family (while earning enough to support you)?
  • Do you want a week off every season to dream and scheme your ideal?

And I have a few nifty tricks to help my clients go deep into this.  Really deep with visualisations and an UNPICKING of what holds their dreams back.  So they know EXACTLY what they want, what it feels like and how to get there.

This is how it starts.  The ONE THING you need to do for a delightful, sustainable business is to start with your heart.  And I can help you get clear on that for FREE (see PS below!).

Heart First.  Every. Single. Time.

It's the first part of my holistic business process.

So, if you're finding yourself with no patients and drifting, or too many patients to cope with the admin you have without it eating into your personal time it is TIME FOR A RESET.  

And what I would love you to do is to join my free 'Your Soul-Filled Spring Practice' Challenge, live on Zoom with a supportive private Facebook Community for teaching, support and live group and 1:1 coaching to take you to a new level in your practice.  It's 28 Feb to 2 March, Daily 12pm UK.

Joanna x

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