What are the 5 Steps you need to create your Soul Filled Practice? (How to get more clients, more income, more time-off with ease, delight and JOY!)

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As I've worked with more and more holistic health or wellness professionals I've noticed more and more similarities in the way they need help. 

And - magically! - the key to the help is something they know about already.

Every single coach or healer is unique (just like a homeopathic remedy prescription!), and yet I see themes and approaches that need to take place for them to build their business with an income they want in a way that feels easeful, aligned with their values, and perhaps most importantly - deeply fulfilling on a soul level.

(After all, you got into this business for a reason!)

Remember back to when you first set out to train as a homeopath, healer, therapist or coach?  That passion, enthusiasm, joy and purpose you felt.  How with each step of your training (despite the hard bits) you became more and more inspired about the potential of your toolkit.

Yet, out in the real world, no one to guide us in creating the ideal practice for us, as life events unfold, it’s just too easy to end up creating a practice or business that doesn’t match up with our original heart’s dream.

And then the business that was supposed to bring us joy and open up possibilities becomes a treadmill of overwhelm, exhaustion, and stress. Instead of abundance, freedom and joy, we feel lack, pressure and confusion. And we may wonder how - or if - that’s ever going to change.

I have interviewed over nearly 30 homeopaths now in my work, as well as yoga therapists, McTimoney chiroprators and coaches (to name a few!) and they tend to fall into two camps:  Lacking and Overworked/Underpaid.

Are you 'Lacking?'

Here are the key characteristics I've noticed in this first group of people I work with.  They can be recently graduated and unsure how to start, or many, many years into practice but it's just not grown how they'd like.  Generally they have 0-5 clients per week.

Do you answer yes to any of these? 


  • don't have enough clients and you don’t know where to get more (or any!) from - or aren't confident in doing this
  • feel unsure about marketing ethically and or practically
  • are either madly doing ALL The things OR procrastinating like a pro (or oscillating from one to the other!)
  • are struggling to drop the DAY JOB (which doesn't fill your heart)
  • are doubting yourself in your business and as a practitioner (imposter syndrome, lack of confidence, fear of being seen or putting yourself 'out there')
  • are second guessing where to put energy to get it all working
  • feel anxious about earning an income – you spent ALL this money and time training
  • also feel GUILTY when you take time off - 'should I be doing more' or 'I feel I'm avoiding doing the things I think I should be doing'

Are any of these you?  


Are you Overworked and Underpaid?

This group of people I work with have usually been in practice a little while.  They have patients and are gaining traction.  I've found, especially with homepaths who have a lot of case analysis behind the scenes, once we 'tip' into over 6 one on one clients a week these signs and symptoms can start to appear.

Are any of these you?


  • feel like you're always running to catch up
  • you have too much admin (lost your desk?), this wasn't what you signed up for
  • are lacking clear systems, can feel overwhelm you and you miss deadlines, forget to answer the odd email or post a prescription when you wanted to
  • feel irritated by clients contacting you yet again, or making demands on your time and energy
  • are beset by compassion fatigue or near burnout
  • are still confused about prices, marketing, and how to earn more
  • can’t be sure what you really want, but it wasn’t this
  • want tojust have a lie down somewhere!

Did you answer yes to any of these? (I'd love to hear which!)

Of course, you may be a mix of the two as they are generalised, but these are the overall patterns I picked up on.

If that’s you, I am so happy to tell you that you don’t have to stay on that treadmill. There is a simple, supportive way out.

You can get on the path that will help you finally build a practice that delights, fulfils and energises you - while also earning the money you both want and need.  And these 5 Steps are the KEY.

Step 1: Dream

 First, we develop a clear picture of what you truly dream of with your heart, soul and passion.  I create the space for you using visualisations, writing, images, and “imaginings” and help you design a meaningful compass to guide you forward.  

[***And guess what - I'm inviting you to do this for FREE 28 Feb to 2 Mar 23 - register right away to secure your spot!]

 This sets the container for your practice - a unique practice that accurately reflects the needs and yearnings of your essential self. (Through this stage of coaching, you also get clear on other aspects of life that will support you - such as activities and things your heart desires beyond your practice, as well as a regular personal daily practice that supports both your business and life aspirations.)

Step 2: Ground

 Next, we get real about the nuts and bolts of what you need (and want!) to earn. Once we know all the details, you have what you need to plan your time, set your prices, location, etc. to ground your dream in reality. A clear structure and pathway.

During this clarifying process, we also clear away any mindset issues that our culture has created for you around money. You finally break free of the messages that lead to shame, confusion or conflict that subconsciously hold you back from attracting and achieving what you really want and deserve.

Step 3:  Individualise 

 In this stage of coaching, we examine niches, specialisms and methodologies. You’ll get crystal clear on your approach and your ideal “heart-sing clients”. This is not about creating avatars and going all in for profit.  It's about being real and authentic about who you want to work with, not treating them as a 'object' but as potential clients you value and who value you. This is the foundation of setting up a clear, valuable, and sustainable offer that you can love and believe in.  

 We also continue to sweep away the cobwebs of limiting beliefs and self sabotaging thoughts so that you can move forward with confidence and certainty to accelerate building your dream practice.

Step 4: Share 

 Next, I coach you through inviting your would-be clients to connect and build meaningful relationships with you. And you do so fully equipped with an aligned and intuitive marketing ecosystem. One that is simple to follow, tailored to your individual passions, strengths and weaknesses,  and includes a step-by-step communication plan that means you’ll know what to do, when to act and when to take time off away from it all.  

We also look at any obstacles (inner or outer) that can prevent this, continuing the ever important mindset and energy work that will allow you to keep moving forward with ease and joy.

Step 5: Nurture

 Finally, we do coaching on how to effectively nurture both you and your clients. We’ll start with you so you can feel the kind of inner joy in your practice that will naturally and magnetically attract clients with more ease. You’ll find you gain more delight in your whole life, not just your practice!  

 Then I show you how to nurture your clients so that they have positive experiences with you and naturally want to continue your work together. (This nurturing is also a key part of generating those most-beloved referrals!). We’ll do this through continuing the energy and mindset work that runs through the whole programme, as well as practical tools to inspire you and make change happen.

Woven Throughout is THE KEY: Your Unique Holistic Energy Cultivator

And the secret sauce?  The magic fairy dust?  The every day miracle potentisor?

The key that you know about already?

It's working all the way through HOLISTICALLY and treating you in your practice just like you do your clients and patients.  And getting support to do so.

You cannot hold the space for your troubled soul yourself.  If you could you would have done by now.

Just like your patients you are worthy of support.

As Hafiz said with me 'Troubled? Come sit with me for I am not.'

So often I see holistic health professionals approach their businesses in a reductionist way. 

"If I could just get the social media posts right" or  "Maybe if I wrote a blog it would work out better" or "What if that instagram ad to write an ebook is the key?"


This is NOT what is required.

You work with your tools and medicine holistically, so why not your practice?

I guarantee if you focus on your TRUE self, as a whole, aligning your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy and processes, you will FLY.  

This is very different from the 'social self' - the self we think we need to be like to run a practice.

Martha Beck, Oprah's life coach and my mentor, calls this INTEGRITY. 

Just like an aeroplane needs all parts to be working to stay up in the air, you need all parts of you in harmony for your business to thrive.

You know you've got it right when

  • work feels like play
  • your body feels relaxed and at ease
  • emotionally you feel calm, slightly excited, confident
  • mentally you feel you're on track, it all makes sense, is harmonious
  • spiritually you just know you're working within your purpose and your heart and soul sings with joy at what it is you do in the world both at work and beyond

THIS is what we aim for.  As one homeopath I work with told me last week "I finally feel confident.  Like I'm doing a proper job.  I have more clients and income than ever and yet I have more time off and work fewer clinic hours!".  MAGIC.  

And another, "I am STOKED. It's my busiest month Joanna and it is delighting my soul."

And this manifests in your practice as:

  • more clients that you love - (or fewer clients if that's where you're at that value and pay you more)
  • more income
  • clear, simple marketing steps (that are all about true connection and relationship, nothing sleazy)
  • more time off 
  • happy boundaries
  • more ease
  • and so much more JOY!

So, these are the 5 steps plus the magical key that unlocks each one, weaving apparently fairy dust through your practice as you go.  

So Here's What I Want You To Do

If you're feel like you're lacking, or overworked and underpaid (or a curious mix of both) do not just sit still and settle for it.  We create the practice we tolerate.  It's time to change.

It's all a matter of making the decision that it is going to be different.  Right now.

You can

Or, if I don't appeal to you, have a search for a coach or holistic business mentor on the internet that has values you feel drawn to and experience to help you.  

If your practice doesn't delight you it's time to make some changes.

And I'd love to hear how you get on!

Wishing you a delight-filled, soul-filled practice,

Joanna x