It’s time to uncover your life purpose and put you on the path that will make your heart sing - and your spirit soar.

I’m Joanna Shipley, and I can help you find your path.


Joanna Shipley, Certified Wayfinder Mastercoach and Shamanic Mentor
Through my unique mix of shamanism and Martha Beck Wayfinder life coaching, I guide people just like you to make powerful, lasting  transformations in their lives.
I can help you remove negative mindsets and patterns that hold you back, create heart-singing work or businesses, and connect to spirit for divine answers, insight, guidance and healing.


“Since learning to work with my spirit helpers I feel so comforted.  I know I’m not alone in my own head and space.  And I’m not alone in my decisions.   A really concrete example is that I used to experience that RAGE, you know, like that email that sits on your mind, or when someone cuts me up in traffic. And now, since the journey I did to ask my spirits to help with this, every time something happens I just think ‘let it go’ and it’s gone.  Just like that!”

Ange Briggs UK

If you’ve ever sensed there was “more to life than this”…
you’re absolutely right.


It’s 100% possible for you to learn how to clearly hear your inner voice and use heart-centered and spirit-infused ways to navigate every single crossroad and decision in your life.

I can teach you how to have your own two-way communication with Spirit, so you’ll know how to tune into your instincts and stay calm and clear amidst the storms of life – so that the “right answers” for you will become as clear as day.

I’ll also share my most powerful, practical coaching tools with you that will end the hamster-wheel of thoughts and patterns that keep you stuck and upgrade your decision-making abilities – forever!


I can help you get out of the hamster-wheel of your own thoughts and patterns using powerful coaching tools, that weave alongside Spirit, to totally transform the way you make decisions.
“In just a few sessions, Joanna helped me put my life onto a trajectory that finally feels authentic to my soul. She is wise, giving, full of heart, direct yet kind, and a great listener. Most important to me is that I now have repeatable tools that I continue to use to help navigate the challenges and messiness of life.”

Diane Shaughnessy USA

Explore your options for working together

Deep Dive 1:1 Transformational
Coaching or Starter Pack

Align with your life’s purpose in this personalized 6-month coaching and accountability programme, working with heart, nature, and even spirit; or a shorter coaching starter pack to jumpstart the joy in your life!

The “More To Life!”

Connect with heart, nature and spirit in this 4 month online group programme, complete with accountability, hot seat coaching, activities, workbooks & optional VVIP 1:1 - the LOT! 

Shamanic Courses
& 1:1 Sessions
in Season

Nature-based and shamanic courses connecting you to help, healing and wisdom from nature and the spirit world. Beginner-friendly, but also suitable for advanced students.

“In our sessions everything seems to fall into place by being open and trusting Joanna, the process and myself.   We worked on deep patterns easily.  Now I have tools that help me change things from the inside out in all areas of my life.”

Harvest Harris-Jones UK


Do you have the Body Compass yet?

Say goodbye to second-guessing and “wrong” decisions - download the free Body Compass tool and make quick, easy and reliable decisions based on your heart and soul's desires.

I use this tool literally every day to guide my decisions, putting myself in tune with the messages my body tells me about what’s the best choice for me. Now you can do it, too!



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