Get Unstuck! Two simple things to create more flow and abundance in your life.

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*Pssst - there's a great little link to help you clear out in the PS at the end!

Are you stuck in your work, home or play?  Is clutter getting you down and stopping flow and abundance in your life?  

Have a look around your home, your office, clinic, or wherever you hang out.  Is there a place you really don’t like?

For me, it’s a filing cabinet that has old notes, teaching ideas, business plans, marketing memes piled high on it.  If I can’t immediately sort this issue it gets shoved on this pile.  Well, not so much a pile, more an avalanche-about-to-happen.  The wrong gust of wind? A nosy dog jumping up? And it’s all over.  Literally. All over the floor.

Such areas have stuck energy.  Like chi in the body, prana, or the vital force that gets stuck or congested, the flow and energy of our homes or workplaces, or even our cars, can get blocked. 

If we’re seeking ease, abundance, peace and joy these places block us.  Energetically, emotionally and mentally they stress our central nervous systems and keep us inwardly as well as outwardly stuck.

Psychologist Thomas More talked about the relationship between our living space and our inner selves.  That what we create around our homes on the outside is a reflection of what’s going on internally.  In fact, I often work with clients’ and their living spaces to observe this in more detail as they give great insight into our innermost issues and blocks, and working with these can really shift us forward.

Either way, clearing out the old is a great way to create space for what is new.  Physically, emotionally and mentally.

So let’s start with the physical.

Take a look around.  There are two parts to this and the first is letting go.


Every day ask yourself what needs to go?  What’s ready to leave?  What is practically begging to be set free!

I like to use Tosha Silver’s method (author of ‘It’s Not Your Money’) – to offer it up to the Universe. 

Ask the Universe to show you (or God/Goddess, Spirit, Divine Intelligence – whatever has meaning for you) what is ready to leave your house or workplace? 

Take a few moments to walk around your living space.   Maybe as you walk around your space you can feel into the energy of the things there.  How does it feel if there’s a pile of unwanted things or clutter?  How does it feel in areas where things are clear and ordered? 

Ask this question.  What is ready to leave, what can I offer to the Universe?

  • Is a book ready to be rehomed in a charity shop or Music Magpie?
  • Are some clothes ready for charity or sale on Thrift+
  • Do you need to collect up some rubbish that’s accumulated for the bin? (My car can be a collecting place for wrappers and bottles and clearing these is often easy and finite!)
  • Is it time to buy some new filing envelopes, folders or take photos and store digitally (Microsoft Lens for pdfs is free)? Or store receipts in an accounting system like Quickbooks or Xero?

As you do this, notice any limiting beliefs.  

  • There’s too much to do! It’s overwhelming!
  • I’ll never get on top of it.
  • I can’t throw it away, I might need it later.

These are useful to observe, bless and then carry on anyway.  Freezing or ‘flight’ just leaves the problem untackled.  And if you can’t take action beyond these self sabotaging thoughts that’s okay too.  There are ways to work with such beliefs and patterns – a good coach can help you with them.

But when we clear out the old, we create space for what is new.  We allow energy to flow around the home or workplace unfettered.  We invite clarity of thought, emotional spaciousness and ease.

It can be a daily practice, a weekly task you plan into your diary.  It reaps rewards, believe me!

And then there's the opposite side of the coin, often overlooked in clutter clearing exercises.


Pay attention to is INFLOW.

Notice, what comes INTO your house.

For years I’ve worked with high achieving, intelligent women.  Caring women who love their families and value the environment around them.  Women who are immensely powerful although often lacking in confidence or self value, partly due to cultural messages about our role as women.

Yet clutter and hoarding seem to be a common theme.  As a Martha Beck Wayfinder Mastercoach I both help women work on deep patterns that create and recreate this situation.  And if I'm honest, I too struggle with this as society and social media 'pushes' more and more stuff our way.  It's a constant practce!  

Soe the second great exercise to just NOTICE what you bring into the house.  The simple little click on Amazon or similar website.  The shopping trip – supermarket or other – that brings in more bagfuls.  The things the children grow out of that we pack away in a box, or leave in a cupboard or garage, until ‘we have time to sort it’. 

You don’t need to force anything, but step back and just be a witness to what comes in.  

If bagfuls of stuff are coming through the door, are similar (or bigger) sized bagfuls leaving through the back?  Is your home a bottleneck for things that you keep ‘just in case’.  What is the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual cost of these things being present? 

Go one step deeper.  What are your thoughts just before you choose something to come into your home.  Are you consciously present?  Or scrolling and clicking absent mindedly?  Is there a feeling or a need being met as you choose something to buy in a shop.  You don't need to change anything (yet!), just observe.  

You may be inspired to take action.  You may just wish to reflect in your journal.  Noticing is the first part of being present with your reality.  Being unaware is oblivion or, sometimes, denial.  Can you see a pattern building. 

And if hoarding or building up clutter is a pattern then there will be beliefs and even trauma (usually with a small ‘t’) holding you stuck in this place.  I have worked with several longer term clients to address this as there’s usually a deep pattern that requires quite a bit of unravelling!  [If this is something you’d like to explore with me then do book a discovery call today.]

So, to sum up (or incase of TLDR)

  • What can you let go of, offer today?
  • What can you notice coming in to your home or workplace?

Do let me know how you get on!  Respond to my email, or send me a message on Facebook or via my Contact Form on my website.  I read every response and love to hear how this blog is helping.

Warmest wishes

Joanna x

P.S. You might like this Abundance Change Me prayer from Tosha Silver to listen to daily as you go about this project.  You can say it each day, or listen to her reading it out to you.  It’s from her book ‘It’s Not Your Money’ which is a book I’ve read a few times.


Photo by Ashim D’Silva on Unsplash